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Give a Smile for Christmas 2019

The 2019 Christmas Countdown


Is there a more important time of the year for a child or baby in hospital to smile?

Christmas is usually a special and precious time for families to be together, enjoy the festive season and be happy. The excitement and magic of Christmas is more important than ever for the babies and children that will spend it in a hospital or hospice, and Raising Smiles are launching this campaign to make sure that we can bring smiles to the faces of hundreds of youngsters this December!

How Can I Help?

By sponsoring an advert in our magazine at this special time of year, you are enabling us to send even more gift parcels to young people. These babies and youngsters are affected by illness, disease or injury and want nothing more than to be at home with their families. The least we can do is give them an extra gift to open on the big day – a favourite toy, game or musical instrument that will help them to feel the way they should at this time of year – happy!

Our Mission

Gifts of Kindness

Raising Smiles take the time to contact experts at hospitals and hospices to ask what exactly we can provide that will make their individual patients smile. We are then, through your kindness, able to purchase these requests and send them directly to the play and music therapists that will make the most of them.


And it isn’t just happiness that these gifts bring. The distraction from procedures and treatment, and the normality that play brings, will assist in recovery, healing and overall contentment.

We Need Your Support Today!

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