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Ways To Help Us

As with all charities, there are many, many ways that you can help us to achieve our goals of cheering up kids in hospitals and hospices.

Your Time

If you have a skill that you think would help us then get in touch, if you can spare a little of your time then this could help us to make a huge difference!


Our current volunteers assist us with our administration, accounting, marketing and contacting the good causes that we support so if any of this resonates with you then email us today!

Our Merchandise

There are a lot of charities in the UK and they are all worthy causes, as a young charity we need to make ourselves known and recognised and our merchandise is a great way to do this. We will be introducing a range of Raising Smiles badges, stickers, puzzle books for kids and T shirts over the coming months and by buying them you are not only making a donation which we will use for Raising Smiles on children’s wards, but it also helps us to spread the name and the word of our great cause!

Our Charity Magazine

We distribute our official Raising Smiles magazine throughout the UK to places where we know it will become recognisable and it is our biggest way of raising awareness and donations for the charity. The more people that see and read our magazine, the more awareness, donations and publicity we get which in turn means we raise more smiles for children!


The cost of producing and distributing our magazine is met by the kind support of local advertisers so if you run a business, then get involved! Our feedback shows that it is really good for business to be seen supporting a good cause and you can share the magazines with your customers so that they know what a caring company you run!

Get Sponsored

If you are planning something that may attract sponsorship then contact us for our official sponsor pack. You don’t have to run the London marathon, (although if you are then please get in touch!) we have supporters planning 5k runs, archery competitions and wearing silly clothes to work days so there really are many different ways to get involved!

We’re sorry but we cannot accept second hand toys or gifts – these can have health and safety issues with the wards that we donate to, and we also consult with all of our recipients first to see exactly what we can provide for their current patients. If you do have toys or items that you no longer need then you could organise a car boot sale and donate the proceeds.

We Need Your Support Today!

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