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Give a Smile for Easter 2020

The 2020 Easter Countdown


The Raising Smiles Easter campaign for 2020 is going to be a brilliant way of giving children something eggciting to look forward to this New Year!


After the fun and excitement of Christmas has passed, it is important that poorly children have something else to look forward to, so Raising Smiles are committed to providing children in hospital with Easter Toy Baskets this year!


Our Easter Toy Baskets will contain lovely surprises such as age specific toys, games, books, toiletries and gadgets which will be guaranteed to raise smiles in hospitals and hospices all over the UK.


Hospitals can be a scary experience for children, and the gifts that we provide help in a number of ways. They are specifically chosen to be conducive to relieving anxiety, providing distraction from medical procedures, and alleviating boredom. All of these things are proven to aid the healing process and will of course let the children know that people are thinking of them at a difficult time in their lives when they are often undergoing painful and frightening procedures.

Our Mission

Raising Smiles believe we can make the emotional, stressful and often terrifying experience of being in hospital a bit better, by providing the things that often cannot be provided by NHS funding, that make children happier and more relaxed.


Raising Smiles contact children’s wards to ascertain exactly what gifts the children in their care would like to receive to give them the most benefit. Our Easter Toy Baskets will bring happiness and excitement into the child’s life and provide them with many hours of fun and entertainment to help them to focus on being happy and getting better.

We Need Your Support Today!

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